“Princess Maker 2” is a childrearing simulation game in which the player experiences being the father to a daughter granted to them by the stars.


They raise the girl for eight years, from ages ten to eighteen. Your daughter grows up to be an adult through various experiences in the game. 

The girl’s dream is to become a princess, but a wide variety of opportunities await depending on how you raise her. What kind of dream will you make come true for this girl?

This year marks 30 years since the original release of “Princess Maker 2” (PC-9801 ed.) in 1993.

We invite you to experience the new and improved Princess Maker 2 on its 30th anniversary.

I am deeply grateful to see that “Princess Maker 2”, which came out 30 years ago, is still so beloved by so many fans that we can release a new version. This time I was finally able to redo the graphics, which I had always wanted to do. Please enjoy the newly redrawn vacations and endings.


About Takami Akai

Born 1961. While still enrolled at Osaka University of Arts, he made his debut with the DAICON III Opening Animation. As one of the founding members of GAINAX Co., Ltd., he has worked on anime and tokusatsu shows, as well as games and events. His most noteworthy works include the “Princess Maker” series, Gurren Lagann, and Dai Tokusatsu Negiman.

This title is based on “Princess Maker 2: Refine,” released in 2004. 

Especially important graphics were redrawn by Takami Akai in a style similar to the PC-98 version. 

The graphics are drawn in high resolution befitting modern game systems, with a commitment to quality in the details.

Original Opening Animation

The original opening animation for “Princess Maker 2: Regeneration” was created by Yonago Gainax. This animation, led by Takami Akai, aims to evoke the future between the new “father” (the player) and his “daughter.”

This title is a social simulation, so it is very important to always be aware of your daughter’s status and use this to raise her.


In “Regeneration”, parameters for assessing your daughter’s status are always available, so you can check on her at a glance. Check what you should do for your daughter’s future, and raise her carefully.

Release Date2024/7/11
Platform:Switch、PS5、PS4、Steam (only digital)
Language:English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(Trad/ Simpl)

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